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15 YEARS, trust, discretion and professionalism

» Accounting Group BG «is a specialized company for accounting services and tax planning.
Over the past 15 years we have earned the trust of our customers and partners across the country.

Accounting Group BG was founded by Dimitar Venkov in 2009 in Varna and is a specialized company for administration, accounting services and tax planning of companies registered in Bulgaria. It is of paramount importance for us to serve you qualitatively and in a timely manner, strictly monitoring the compliance with all deadlines and legal regulations of the country.

In our joint work you can rely on us for all accounting services and consultancy, legal services, as well as questions related to your staff and salaries.


Services & Activities

Accounting Services
  • Operational accounting of the current documents in accordance with the requirements of the Bulgarian accounting legislation and national or international accounting standards
  • Preparation of accounting policy and individual chart of accounts
  • Preparation and submission of monthly statements under the value Added Tax Act (VAT)
  • Preparation and submission of monthly VIES declarations, as required by the VAT ACT
  • Calculation of monthly taxes due, and preparation of payment documents for their translation
  • Preparation of periodic reports reflecting the current financial result according to the client’s needs
  • Preparation of monthly and periodic reports on the client’s activity, reflecting stocks, movements in certain accounting accounts, settlements with commercial counterparties and financial institutions
  • Preparation of calculations and costs depending on the client’s activity
  • Timely information about changes in the tax-insurance or labour legislation
  • Additional accounting services, based on the specific requirements of the client.
  • Representation before insurance and tax authorities in relation to appointed inspections or revisions

The constant changes in the existing and adoption of new regulations always lead to the risk of tax errors, which sometimes cost too expensive.

  • The accounting policy of the Enterprise
  • Business tax planning and tax optimization
  • Organizing the company’s document turnover
  • Consultations on labour and social security issues
  • Consultations on the application of agreements to avoid double taxation
Staff, wages and salaries

In order to save your efforts to maintain specific competencies and ensure the confidentiality of wages, we provide the most complete service for your employees ‘ remuneration.

  • Drafting of employment contracts, civil contracts and contracts for management and control
  • Preparation and submission of necessary notices to the NRA
  • Maintenance of Labour records of employees
  • Preparation of payrolls for salaries and fiches
  • Preparation of payment documents for transfer of due monthly insurance and income tax of natural persons
  • Processing of hospital papers and filing in NSSI
  • Presentation of information about insured persons in personal register-declarations model 1 and 6
  • Preparation of a report on the costs of the company for salaries and contributions by department
  • Representation before insurance and tax authorities in relation to appointed inspections or revisions
Law consultations

Accounting group BG can provide you with legal services in the following:

  • Registration and transformation of commercial companies
  • Preparation of all types of contracts
  • Immovable property and real estate law
  • Commercial and contract law
  • Intellectual property Law
  • Corporate law mergers and acquisitions
  • Due diligence of companies or projects
Partnership Level Services

As an established accounting company “Accounting Group BG” has built partnerships with leading companies from the following areas, which our clients can use on preferential terms.

  • Legal Services
  • Occupational Media and electrical measurements
  • Translation and legalization
  • Pythagoras Accounting software

For foreign clients and partners

We serve customers in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, and Norwegian.

Why Bulgaria is such an attractive business destination

Bulgaria has long been an attractive destination for setting up a new business or moving companies from abroad for a number of reasons. The country offers ideal conditions for combining work and a more pleasant life than many other countries in Europe.

  • Lowest taxes in the EU
  • Low corporation tax of 10%
  • 5% dividend tax
  • 20% VAT
  • Professionals and labour at very competitive pay
  • Many universities and good education
  • Advantageous infrastructure
  • 4 airports with many destinations to and from Europe
  • Among the fastest internet connections in Europe
  • Varna is the best city to live in Bulgaria and one of the most desirable destinations for digital nomads in Europe
Registration of Bulgarian companies for foreigners

You have a company abroad and want to move your business to Bulgaria? Or do you have the measure to start a new business here?

  • Registration of companies
  • Address registration
  • Organizational assistance in relocation and establishment in Varna and Sofia
  • Network of partners in real estate, lawyers, banks, telecoms, software, marketing, holidays and entertainment
  • Tax consultation for optimization
  • Comprehensive service
Tax optimization of companies from Europe

The last few years there has been a large growth of international companies moving to Bulgaria for several reasons

  • Significant tax advantages
  • Member of the EU since 2007 and part of the EURO area 2024
  • Still low real estate prices
  • High quality and freer life
  • Unique nature with opportunities for tourism, sports and recreation throughout all four seasons

Industry Sectors & Expertise



Experience in many sectors and different spheres of activity


Our business practice is to be responsible for our work and to observe strict confidentiality


Trust is extremely important to us and is at the heart of every long-term partnership


For us this is distinguished in our determination, will, perseverance and the energy we work with

For years a reliable financial partner of our companies!

– I. Georgiev –

Happy client since more than a year now. All the team is super professional and understands its business to the last detail. Thank you! I’ll recommend you to everyone here in Varna!

— G. Iwanow —

Excellent service, professionalism, efficiency in execution and correctness. Recommend!

– A. Nikolova –

Very professional team and excellent customer service! No matter if it comes to regular duties or complicated cases, Accounting Group maintains its solutions-provider position for our business.

— T. Vasilev —

Exceptional professionalism and correctness! I'm delighted! I recommend them sincerely!

– Y. Yordanov –

Ако очаквате коректно и професионално отношение, това е фирмата за вашето счетоводство. Препоръчвам !!!

Ivaylo Todorov Avatar Ivaylo Todorov
July 13, 2021

Клиент съм на кантората. Високо ниво на обслужване! Поверителност! Професионализъм! Доверие!

stefan boiadjiev Avatar stefan boiadjiev
August 9, 2022

Изключително точна експертиза и отлично сътрудничество в съчетание с отзивчивост, и човечност! Еталон за професионализъм в наши дни! Бъдещето им принадлежи! С респект и благодарност!

Pharma Partners Avatar Pharma Partners
July 13, 2021

Горещо препоръчвам! От близо 10 години използвам услугите на кантората и съм повече от доволен клиент с четири юридически лица (и аз самият като физическо лице), чието счетоводно обслужване съм поверил на професионалистите, работещи в нея. Навременно обслужване, бърза обратна връзка, имплементиране на новостите в законодателство, консултации от всякакво счетоводно естество - всичко това ще получите от Акаунтинг груп!

Nikolay Dobrudzhanski Avatar Nikolay Dobrudzhanski
July 13, 2021

Clients & Partners

With our clients we are more than worthy partners,
We’re friends. Here you can find some of the leaders in their spheres:

Prices & Packages

For each client we produce an individual plan.
Here are some sample packages:



VAT Registration: No

Number of Invoices: 20

Staff: 2

Bank Account: 1

Monthly fee:

80 EUR



VAT Registration: Yes

Number of Invoices: 20

Staff: 2

Bank Account: 1

Monthly fee:

155 ЕUR



VAT Registration: Yes

Number of Invoices: 50

Staff: 3

Bank Account: 1

Monthly fee:

230 EUR


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9010 Varna, Chayka Bl. 25, Entrance A, Floor 1, Appartement 2

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